Things happen when creative minds connect!

Who are We

The Chynarock Creative Group was founded in Beijing in 2011 as the Beijing ScreenWriters, FilmMakers and Wayward Scribes.
We are a non-commercial, non-profit, open-source, exclusive, social network for artists who are actively working on making films and crafting fiction.
Our goal is simply to bring those who share a passion for their craft together once a month in a casual mixer,
so they can share their obstacles, create cross-cultural artistic relationships, and bring good ideas into production. .



The group is filled with storytellers who share a passion for the craft of telling stories, crafting screenplays, and writing good fiction.



Chynarock has a simple goal of helping Chinese and western writers and film makers form working relationships and complete good work. Directors, animators, cinematographers meet and share ideas. We also cast a keen eye on obstacles and opportunities.



The number is testimonials is rising. Miracles seem to happen when talented, unselfish artists come together to both offer and accept the synergies of like-minded creatives. Obstacles vanish, projects accelerate, and dreams come to life.



a. Are meetings in English or Chinese?

i. Both. Many of the Chinese members know English well enough to talk about their work, but the use of Chinese is common. Chinese who speak very little English usually have no trouble finding friends and fellow artists who speak Chinese.

b. What are the meetings like?

i. What happens when you put a bunch of talented, creative people, who share a passion for film making and story-telling, into one room? Ideas fly. Synergies ignite. Partnerships form. Friendships are born. Occasionally we break things. Libations flow. Miracles happen. The meetings are casual mixers, in venues where people are comfortable walking around and introducing themselves to new friends.

c. Exclusive, and open-source? What in the hell does that mean?

i. 'Exclusive' means we are not open to the public. Attendance is by invitation only. We take a quick moment to qualify people who want to get on 'the list'. If someone is not actively writing a story or working in the film business, they probably won't find our monthly meetings useful. The group has synergy when it is dense with people who not only share a passion for their craft, but also share a sense of urgency for improvement.

'Open-source' means we share as much as possible. True, there may be a time to keep a secret. That's understandable. But members who thrive upon and benefit from the monthly meetings understand karma. They know that the group gives when the group gets. They come ready to help. They bring pages, or specific technical issues. They bring new blood. There's no rule about all this, but they share as much of their skills, contacts, and industry insight as possible. We've learned that this Chynarock vibe is a bit of a contrast with the prevailing vibe in much of the movie business.

d. Are there fees?

i. Nope. Our meetings are free. There is never a cover charge. Everyone buys their own drinks or snacks. Fortunately, several great venues appreciate and support local writers and film makers. Xian Bar, at the Beijing East Hotel, and the legendary Q-Mex / Q-Lounge venues have been generous sponsors. Other venues have contacted us, so we're looking forward to a fun year.

e. Do big names show up?

i. Yes and no. Yes, we've had more than a few well-established writers, film makers and thespians attend our gigs, and this is one reason why we don't open our ranks to the general public. Most of the group, however, lives here in China, and is working hard for a major break into Hollywood, or a chance to get a SARFT-friendly script into production.

ii. We also have a rule not to photograph anyone without permission, or broadcast the attendance of a celebrity on any social media during a meeting. Writers and film makers who might be known to the public come to our meetings with a confidence that their privacy will be respected.

f. How often are the meetings?

i. The ScreenWriters and FilmMakers Group meets once a month. The "Director's Cut" is a 'director-oriented' meeting that occurs quarterly. There is an effort from the group's facilitator to keep the meetings somewhat restricted, so that these artists feel the synergy of being in a room that is dense and dominated by artists with a similar talent, but there are no strict rules. If a writer has a serious interest in 'directing', then they're free to mingle. If you're out-on-the-town with a cool friend on the night of the meeting, then feel free to bring them along.

g. Can I bring a friend?

i. Sure. What's important is that you come ready to focus a few hours on sharing, listening, confessing problems, helping, and being helped. Your friends may be invited to join the list if they're creative artists, or working in the business. Again, if you're out with a friend on the night of a meeting, then don't worry.

h. Can ChynaRock help with Production or Co-production?

i. Nope. Many of the artists who attend our meetings are knowledgeable about the intricacies of co-production, but the prevailing vibe in the meetings is artistic and non-commercial. ChynaRock is partners with the China Hollywood Society, our partner network based out of Hollywood. CHS is a much better source of insight into co-production issues and commercial issues. We also have the attention of several of China's most prestigious law firms and talent agencies, so most of the group members can help you connect with these firms.

ii. If several group members express a need for a producer, lawyer or agent to attend a meeting, then an invitation may be extended to some of these professionals who have earned the trust of the group. Generally, though, we keep the group 'writer-centric'.


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